Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Let me introduce you to my domain:

Clarification: This is not George Washington's opinion, but rather a satirical outlook on current events and modern politics. If I did give George's opinion, it would be heavily skewed due to the sheer amount of time and events that have passed after George Washington's death in 1799. The basics would astonish George Washington, such as the 300 million people living here compared to about 4 million. People calling themselves americans rather than virginians or georgians would startle the guy. People have telephones in their pocket and can communicate instantly, something not possible in a time lacking sufficient lighting, transportation, or disease prevention. Sorry to disappoint those looking for what George Washington would think, but it is simply too difficult to try to form George Washington's opinion.

This blog is first and foremost about american politics. I love America, but it has its many flaws. I do not identify as a Republican or Democrat, but rather a moderate. Sometimes I see no right answer (pun not intended). I will give the facts (snooze), and I will give my opinion (ooh, juicy). Many (probably all) politicians give a lot of Bologna Sandwiches to the american public, or as I like to call it, BS. Many individuals blog nonsense or radical opinions, which is not me. If you want a gay hating, immigrant loathing, communist supporting, disgruntled with everything about the world blogger, then don't waste your time on this blog. I try to give the informational, moderate opinion or possibly no opinion at all. That doesn't mean no fun! I am all about witty jokes, satire, and politician role play.

A little bit about myself (Congratulations! You made it through a few sentences, your attention span is now officially the equivalent of a little kid with a cell phone in hand, or you skipped through and didn't read about my blog information, tisk tisk): I like to rant (example seen in previous sentence). I love politics and have loved politics since I was little. Currently I am a college student at the University of Michigan. I'm going for a major in history and minor in german. I interweave history into my political opinions frequently, which means little history nuggets for those paying attention.

For those with too short an attention span, here is a summary (Here you go lazy people, the sparknotes of my blog for those not willing to read a measly 3 paragraphs): This is a blog about a university student's opinion in politics, not George Washington's opinion. I just happen to love George, who in America doesn't. Prepare for satirical jokes, american history, dirty politics, and most important of all, my two cents (okay, maybe the first three are more important.)

Until later,
George Washington


  1. I honestly don't know much about politics, hopefully I can learn something from you XD

  2. Love satire and yes! I have an attention span of a child :)

  3. at least it's better than what our governement does :p