Thursday, May 19, 2011

The stresses of College too much?

Has college become too strenuous for kids? According to this NPR article, college is very stressful, but not because the workload has changed, but because of the seemingly insurmountable debt it can give a student. It puts kids under serious financial strain, and the parents of those kids under equal financial strain. When will college stop getting so expensive (seriously, how far can the money go?)? I know the age old argument of 'it's an investment, your future is going to be so bright, blah blah blah', I'm not going into anything science or math related, but rather history to become a history teacher. It's what I love to do, but it costs a lot to become a teacher that doesn't initially pay as much as I put into college. Why do we need that four year education, I just want to be a teacher? Why do colleges need this increase (taking inflation into account) in money?

University of Michigan Law Quad. Very beautiful, someone needs to pay for the upkeep.

Here are some figures: food for thought. From 1980 to 2008, it went up by 235% for public colleges, 179% for private colleges, and 150% for community colleges. During the same period, the income of the median family increased by 15%. No wonder there is serious financial strain! College, one simple question. Do you really need all of that money while putting me under so much strain??


  1. My collage seems to be a prison compared Michigan's one.
    Nice blog ;) bRO

  2. i agree it is getting way to expensive to go

  3. yeah it's seriously ridiculous, pretty much sets us up to be in debt for a loooong time after finishing a degree that may not even guarantee a job

  4. This is a really informative blog, keep it up Good Ol' George!

  5. my college seems Auschwitz... really is scared :S